Parmesan Gnocci


– 5 large potatoes

– Plain flour

– ½ cup grated parmesan cheese (optional)

– 1 egg



– Peel, boil, drain and mash potatoes

– When cool enough to handle, add egg, cheese and ½ cup plain flour to potato

– Kneed the potato mix, gradually adding enough flour so that it will hold together when rolled

– Divide the mix into 4 balls, and roll each ball into a long, thin tube. Add more flour if it is too sticky to roll

– Cut each tube into 1 cm thick pieces

– Take each piece, round it into a dumpling and roll one side of the dumpling over the tines of a fork

– When you are ready to eat, place raw gnocci into boiling water.

– The gnocci should come to the surface after about 2-3 minutes. You can remove them now, or allow them to cook for an additional minute or so. The cooking time depends on your preference for soft or firm gnocci.


– I used a lot more flour than I expected, which is why I haven’t included a quantity. Make sure you have several cups available, and just keep adding it until the dough is workable. The amount you need will depend on the type and size of the potatoes.

– The gnocci will expand slightly when cooked, so make your dumplings a fraction smaller than how you would prefer to eat them.

– You can shape your gnocci any way you like – my technique is based on the traditional method and helps to keep the dumplings uniform in size.


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