about me

I am a twenty-something Aussie girl, living in Sydney, newly married and I just love to cook.

I work in a fairly high pressure job and often work long hours, so I treasure the times when I can spend hours in the kitchen creating something amazing.

my cooking

Cooking is my stress relief, my hobby and my art. I cannot draw or paint or sing, but I can cook.

Although my “art” is ephemeral, a photograph and a story can capture at least some of the essence of what I create. Who knew that food photography and food writing is a form of art itself?

I am lucky that, for me, cooking is a passion. For so many people, it is a chore.

I don’t cook in a certain style, I will cook any cuisine and any ingredients (as long as I have the equipment and the skill). I sometimes cook from scratch, I sometimes use packets, I sometimes use recipes but I often don’t.

writing & photography

I have always enjoyed writing, creatively, academically and professionally. This blog is a rare opportunity to write creatively, to write about something beautiful, a change from my academic and professional writing.

An amazing camera and a holiday to a beautiful location inspired me to start experimenting with photography and exploring it beyond “point and click”. I am an absolute beginner, but I enjoy it.

fork and bowl

I have always taken photos of my cooking and been an avid reader of food blogs, but it wasn’t until recently that “I could do that” became “I should do that”.

This blog was never intended to be for anyone but myself. But, if people like what I write, enjoy what they see, and even find inspiration from my ideas, then perhaps this blog may do for them what other blogs have done for me.

To me, the name “fork and bowl”, evokes the image of my husband and I, on the couch on a cold and rainy Friday night, watching a DVD with a bottle of wine and a bowl of steaming pasta or curry in one hand and a fork in the other. Is there anything better?

i hope you enjoy my cooking


19 thoughts on “About

  1. You have a wonderful blog lovely. Aaron (my husband) and I are pretty much the same… we’re celebrating our second anniversary in November this year. We eat every meal on the couch (unless we have visitors) and I adore every meal that I get to cook… it’s creative expression, stress relief, physical work after sitting and writing for most of the day. So happy you found my blog so that I could find you. Looking forward to reading more xx

  2. Cooking is my passion, too. I also see cooking/baking as a fun activity and not as a ‘chore’. No matter how tired I am, cooking and baking are the only things that could relieve me from stress. And I also love photography. 🙂

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