Chicken pizza with pesto and persian fetta

This chicken pizza is based on a the “Pesto, chicken, parmesan and pinenut” recipe in Pete Evans Pizza, with a few additions and alterations.

Using homemade pizza dough, I started by spreading the raw base with tomato paste, garlic, chilli and grated mozzarella. I topped this with sundried tomatoes, freshly grilled chicken, pesto and little salami.

After cooking the pizza in the bbq for about 10 minutes, I finished it with dollops of soft persian fetta and chives.

This recipe works best with homemade pizza dough, as the base will be sufficiently chewy, thick and robust enough to carry all the  toppings. If using a premade base, avoid the superthin crusts and aim for something a bit thicker (or risk floppy pizza!).

A fairly rich and indulgent pizza, and a far cry from traditional, but it is one of my new favourites.


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