Slow cooked beef roast with red wine, garlic and oregano


This is my slow cooked pot-roast beef.

I started with a fairly inexpensive cut of meat, and cooked it for about 8 hours over several evenings. I started on Wednesday night, with the intention of serving the roast on Friday night.

After searing the beef on all sides in olive oil, I braised it in red wine, beef stock, oregano, onion, lemon and garlic, and let it simmer over a very gentle heat.


After about 6 hours of cooking, I strained the braising liquid to remove pieces of onion and other debris.

The resulting sauce was a smooth salty-sweet gravy which reduced over the final few hours of cooking.


I added some fresh oregano and lemon to the pot in the last hour of cooking.

Along with the herbs and lemon, I added sliced potatoes, carrots and kumera, which I hoped would cook in the braising liquid.


I always worry when cooking a poor cut of meat that it wont work and, after the first 4 or 5 hours, the beef was as tough as a rock.  I was concerned that it would be inedible. But in the end, the hours of cooking did their work, and the meat was tender, falling apart and juicy.

The roast was served with the root vegetables, which were now soft, along with green beans and Brussels sprouts which I sautéed in garlic and butter.


My only complaint was that the meat ended up a little too salty. I think a squeeze of lemon at the end would have been a good idea, just to cut through the saltiness and some of the fat. Perhaps I could also have skipped some of the stock, and just used water instead.


Nevertheless, we were really happy with the end result and we enjoyed the beef with a lovely bottle of Tempranillo, on a quiet Friday night at home.



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