Christmas rumballs

rumballsChristmas just isn’t Christmas without rumballs!

Rich, chocolatey, boozy and melt-in-the-mouth, rumballs are so easy to make and absolutely delicious.


Rumballs are based on crushed biscuits (cookies) or cake crumbs, cocoa and a sweet binding agent. This is the recipe I like, which uses sweetened condensed milk, but you can also use cream cheese, jam, honey or even dates, depending on your preferences.   You can omit the rum, or switch it up for a different liqueur. You can increase or reduce the cocoa and coconut depending on whether you prefer soft or firm rumballs. You can add in nuts, dried fruit, even chocolate chips.


I find rumballs look and taste best rolled in chocolate sprinkles, but rolling in nuts, coconut or cocoa powder all create very different tastes and textures, and are all delicious. I have also experimented with using shortbread offcuts as a replacement for the biscuit crumbs, with great success. You could try hiding a whole almond or macadamia or sultana in the centre of the rumball, or perhaps try replacing the coconut with almond meal.


One of the best things about rumballs, is they freeze really well. In fact, I prefer them straight from the freezer! You can make them well in advance and bring them out for special occasions.

Perfect for the holiday season. Best enjoyed with a black coffee or a glass of bubbles. Yum!!



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