Raspberry yoghurt cake


This raspberry and yoghurt cake is absolutely my new favourite dessert.

It is dense and moist and full of plump and juicy raspberries. A perfect spring dessert.

Hubby generally prefers chocolate cake, but having friends over for a bbq lunch on Sunday was a good excuse to make this delicious cake.


My recipe is based very closely on this, but I double the berries, use fat free yoghurt and leave out the apple.

In order for the berries to be spread throughout the cake, I add the batter to the tin in layers. I start with a cup of batter, sprinkle berries on top, before spooning on the next layer. I added extra berries to the top of the cake and sprinkled brown sugar on top for a caramelised top.

This cake tastes fantastic on its own, but works really well with yoghurt, berries and passionfruit. It also keeps surprisingly well for a few days. Highly recommended!


6 thoughts on “Raspberry yoghurt cake

    • Thanks! My camera is being repaired so I had to take the photo with my phone, so I am glad you like the pictures! I like cardamom too – I have tried cardamom in brownies, and it was great.

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