Pinwheel shortbread

IMG_3852I have always said that the trick to baking is not to tell anyone what you are making until after it is out of the oven. That way, if a cake is flat, call it brownies. If your brownies rise too much, it can be a cake. Just about any failed slice can be re-badged as a ‘bar’ and flat muffins are just biscuits.

These were not into intended to be shortbread. I wanted them to be delicious, soft, chocolate and vanilla biscuits. However, the texture was so much more like shortbread, so instead of declaring a failure, I decided to change the name!IMG_3853

I tried making biscuits like this (with a different recipe) a few months ago and they were fairly unsuccessful. In order for the layers of chocolate and vanilla to withstand being rolled out, and for them to stick together, the dough needs to far drier than ordinary biscuit dough. Last time, I just couldn’t get the layers to stick, so I gave up on the layers and pinwheel effect and mixed the two colours together to make marble biscuits.

This time, I managed to get the layers to stick. However, I think I used too much butter, so I ended up having to add quite a bit of extra flour.

Pinwheel shortbreadThe pinwheel effect is created by layering two colours of dough and rolling them into a log. The log is frozen and sliced into discs to be baked.

The pattern on the biscuits was a little messier than I would have liked, I think because I allowed the dough to defrost too much before slicing. The texture was also a little dry, which can be attributed to the extra flour. Hubby said they would be great spread with Nutella, but next time, I think will try dipping the underside in chocolate.

The recipe is based on these chocolate pinwheel cookies.



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