Spice crusted salmon with smashed peas

IMG_3737A few nights ago, I asked hubby whether he had any thoughts on what we should have for dinner. Without hesitation, he requested salmon.

I asked if he had a preference for how it was served. He thought for a moment and said “um… with peas.”

Salmon and peas – a mini Masterchef “mystery box challenge” was born!

IMG_3731The obvious approach would be to cook a piece of salmon and serve it with a side of peas.  I quickly turned against that, as I had already decided that I wanted to challenge myself to create something new and different.

I considered creating a sort of pea-based sauce to spoon on top of the salmon, maybe peas cooked in a oil and lemon juice. I also thought of slicing the salmon and tossing it (with the peas, of course) through pasta or rice. But both of those dishes relegated peas to the level of garnish, which was not the outcome for which I was aiming.

Smashed peas with salmon

In the end, I settled on smashed peas. This involved cooking frozen peas for about 10 minutes, roughly mashing them with some olive oil and mint, and using them as a base on which to serve a salmon fillet.  I decided to add some extra flavour to the dish by crusting the salmon with some mixed spices and olive oil, and sprinkling some chopped mint over the top. I served the dish with a simple tomato salad, with some steamed corn for hubby.

Aside from some difficulty with the spice crust burning (it might have been better to bake in the oven rather than in the pan) it was a successful experiment, and the spices on the salmon worked well with the mint. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the smashed peas, and loved the fact that they were part of the meal, rather than just rolling around on the edge of the plate!

A nice and easy, very healthy, week-night dinner!



9 thoughts on “Spice crusted salmon with smashed peas

    • Thanks! Yes, that’s one of the things I was so excited about – I always have peas in the freezer and use them constantly, but they are always just an after-thought. This is the first time I have really used them as part of the meal itself.

  1. The idea of using the peas as an essential part of the meal is a great idea. It takes the old “power pellets” to new horizons!

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