Slow-cooked lamb ragu with homemade gnocci

Ragu with gnocci

Last week, I had a working lunch at a new restaurant in the city with my colleagues. Listed on the menu as the “Wednesday special” was a slow roasted lamb shoulder. Cursing the fact that it was Thursday, I vowed to make slow cooked lamb as soon as possible. (As a side note, my smoked chicken salad with pancetta and topped with poached egg was awesome. But I still wanted that lamb!)

In the end, I decided I wanted to make a slow-cooked lamb ragu. The way I make ragu is pretty simple but it takes a long time. Its basically just an overcooked pot-roast. I simmered a small half-leg of lamb for about 6 hours until the meat had fallen apart, and had turned into a bolognaise-type consistency.

This method is far more time consuming that using mince to make ragu, but is incredibly delicious and really is worth the effort! (Click here for recipe).

RaguI had planned to make pasta to go with the ragu but I don’t always have the greatest success with homemade pasta, and after putting so much effort into the ragu, I didn’t want the meal to be a flop.

I haven’t made gnocci since I was a uni student, with hours of free time to spend cooking. Hubby loves gnocci, but I had never made it for him, so I thought I would give it a try.

I remember now why I haven’t made gnocci in years. As simple as it is – just potato, flour and egg – you do need to put aside a good hour to make the dumplings.  (Click here for recipe.)


In the end, all the effort was justified, as the meal turned out perfectly!

The lamb was rich and juicy and the gnocci was smooth and silky with the faintest hint of parmesan.

The meal took all afternoon to make, but was definitely worth it, and there was enough for plenty of leftovers too.

Wine notes

To accompany the rich and heavy meal, we picked a rich and heavy red wine, a Cab Sav if I remember correctly.

It went beautifully with the ragu, particularly as the meat was cooked in red wine.

Gnocci and ragu


3 thoughts on “Slow-cooked lamb ragu with homemade gnocci

  1. I love the idea to use gnocchi as the starch for your ragu. I’m never quite sure what to serve with gnocchi – I’m not a fan of it just swimming in butter and sage. I think I’ll take this idea and try doing another stew on top (not a big fan of lamb…).

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