Chocolate mud cake


I don’t bake all that often, but I had a good excuse this week to bake a cake for my team at work. I thought I would take the chance to try something a bit special. After a few false starts, I ended up with a layered chocolate mud cake, covered in chocolate ganache.

I decided to have a bit of fun and decorate the cake with freckles and M&Ms, with a surprise pocket of M&Ms hidden in the centre.


There are a lot pinata cakes online at the moment. As much as they look utterly amazing, they don’t really look all that great to eat – you get a thin shell of cake and just a pile of lollies. Instead, I decided to try to make the M&Ms part of the cake, so that each slice of cake would be a full wedge, with some M&Ms clinging to the edge.


I created the effect by cutting the cake into three layers. The centre layer was cut into a ring, which I filled with M&Ms. By icing the whole of the bottom and top layers, I made it so that the M&Ms were essentially glued into the cake.


It didn’t look particularly spectacular when it was cut, as some of the dye from the M&M shells bled into the icing, and the M&Ms had somewhat lost their crunch. However, I think that I achieved the desired effect.

I was worried that that the cake was messy when it was cut, but people seemed to enjoy it despite the mess.


My colleagues ate half the cake, and I left the remainder in our office kitchen.

I didn’t try it, but it disappeared within minutes, so I guess that’s a positive review!



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