Prawn and guacamole mini tostadas


I have been waiting for an excuse to make tostadas for months. When Father’s Day came around, it was an ideal opportunity to experiment with a new canape recipe. For my seafood-loving Dad, prawn and guacamole mini tostadas seemed like a perfect choice.


I was tempted to just buy corn chips to be the base of the tostadas, but I decided that the salt of commercial corn chips would dominate the subtle flavours of this dish. Instead, I bought corn tortillas, cut out small circles and baked them until they were crispy. Although tortillas can be fairly high in fat, this was a much healthier option than packaged chips.



I made a simple guacamole from mashed avocado, chopped coriander and spring onions, a finely diced fresh jalapeno and quarter of a red onion, plus the juice from a lime. I would normally add finely diced tomato to the guacamole, which is a recipe my brother picked up in Mexico. The truth is that I forgot to buy tomatoes, but I was actually quite happy with the flavour and texture of the guacamole without it.

After a bit of experimentation, and at hubby’s suggestion, I also added some salt to the guacamole. Not as much salt as would normally be on a corn chip, but just enough to give the dish a necessary zing.

Guacamole ingredients

I also grilled some fresh corn, so that it was beautifully charred and blackened in sections. I decided to grill the corn without adding any additional flavours and without oil to keep the taste fresh and clean. I was really happy with the sweet, slightly charred flavour.

I think the corn would have been even better if cooked on the bbq, but I managed to get a really nice charred effect in a frypan.

Corn and jalapenos

Grilled corn

Finally, I coated some small green prawns with a mix of crushed cumin seeds, paprika, garlic, pepper and salt. Right before I was ready to serve the canapes, I cooked the prawns over high heat until they were just tender.

The prawns would also have been better if they had been cooked on the bbq, but they worked perfectly well in a frypan. I also avoided adding oil to the prawns, as I didn’t want the tostadas to feel oily or greasy.

PrawnsI topped each corn chip with a generous dollop of guacamole. For each chip, I linked two prawns together, and placed them on top of the avocado. I dotted a few pieces of corn around the base of each chip, selecting a mix of charred and yellow corn kernels. I then sprinkled finely diced red chilli, thin slices of red onion, and sliced spring onions on top of the prawns. Finally, I topped each tostada with a single coriander leaf and a thin slice of red chilli.

Finished tostadas

Overall, I though they looked really beautiful. The bright green of the herbs contrasted well with the vibrant red chilli, and the yellow corn provided little pops of colour. The prawns were juicy and plump, there was a subtle chilli burn and the corn added a nice and unexpected sweetness.

I served the tostadas on a large platter with lime cheeks, and the family snacked on the canapes while drinking my father’s home brewed beer and enjoying the exceptionally warm winter evening.

Platter of tostadas


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