Surprisingly healthy chocolate fudge brownies

Fudge browniesThese are my amazing, gooey, delicious, surprisingly healthy, chocolate fudge brownies.

That’s right – healthy!

These brownies are raw, dairy-free, egg free and gluten free. They have no cane sugar, no animal fats. There are only four ingredients, and the fourth is optional. the ingredients are:

  • dates
  • walnuts
  • cocoa
  • slivered almonds (optional)

I know, a brownie cooked with butter, real chocolate and flour, sugar and eggs is amazing. And yes, these are not as good as real brownies. But considering the ingredients, I think you will be surprised by how good these are. Of course, these brownies are basically just nuts and dates, so they are not low calorie. But if you were going to eat brownies anyway, this is a much better option.

I confess, this is not my recipe. Simply do a Google search for “vegan brownies” and you will find dozens of variations on this recipe. But really, you don’t need the salt, the stevia, the vegetable gum, the vegan butter… Just buy the best quality ingredients you can find, and let them speak for themselves.

Brownie Ingredients

Start by blending up 1 cup of walnuts until it is as fine as possible – aim for the same texture as almond meal.

This acts as the flour that holds the brownies together, so it needs to be as fine as possible.


While the motor is running, remove the seeds from the dates and add them one by one.

Again, with such a simple recipe, you need to use the best quality dates you can find. I used about 350 grams of medjool dates.


As the motor continues to run, gradually add cocoa. I used about 4 tablespoons. Again, aim for the best quality cocoa you can find, as you are eating it raw.

You will know when the mix is perfect when it comes together in a soft, smooth ball.

Brownies mix readyThe brownie mix is now finished!

If you want to add flavours and textures, now is the time. I added slivered almonds, but you could add coconut, dried fruit, coffee or just leave it plain. You could also be more indulgent, and add real chocolate or a liqueur. I am planning to try these as rum balls next Christmas!

Brownies with almonds

Once you have added the flavours, press the mix into any dish, or roll them into balls. I topped the mix with extra almonds, but you could use cocoa or coconut or hundreds and thousands.

Put the brownies in the freezer for a few hours.

If you have made brownie balls, they are now ready to eat. If used a pan, just slice them into whatever shape you want.

The brownies are fine to be left outside of the fridge, but have the best texture if enjoyed straight from the freezer. But beware – don’t eat too many in one sitting. All those nuts and dates may leave you with a stomach ache!!



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