Lamb rogan josh

This is my slow cooked lamb rogan josh, served with naan and saffron rice.

Like most of my recipes, it is not 100% authentic, but it was delicious and fragrant. I cooked it for about 6 hours, over low heat, until the meat was falling apart. The house was filled with the most amazing aroma of freshly ground spices and garlic.

I often avoid making curry paste from scratch. When hubby and I were in Thailand several years ago, I saw the local Thai people buying their curry paste pre-made from the markets, and so I feel I can justify buying pre-made paste most of the time. That said, nothing in a bottle will come close to a freshly made curry paste. So, when I have the time, it is great to make curry from scratch. We had taken a day off work after a weekend away, and I used the opportunity to spend the day in the kitchen.

IMG_2691I think a lot of traditional, slow-cooked and highly-flavoured cuisine is cooked that way to disguise poor cuts of meat. For this reason, I used a cut of lamb which included fat and bone. Both the fat and bone add flavour during the cooking process, and I skimmed out the fat and picked out the bone as the meat cooked.

Lamb        Lamb cooking for 6 hours

I seared the lamb quickly, putting it into a pot of simmering tomato and stock around 1pm. I would normally marinate the meat, or at least sear it in the curry paste.

But this time, I decided to just get the meat into the pot as quickly as possible, so that it could simmer for 6 hours.

While the meat was cooking, I prepared the chilli paste.

I dry-fried coriander, fennel and cumin seeds and crushed them in my mortar and pestle with some pepper. I added paprika, cayenne pepper, as well as fresh chilli, garlic and ginger.

Heating the spices        Flavours

I added the chilli paste into the pot mid-afternoon, with some extra tomatoes, and cooked the lamb for another 4 hours.

While the meal was cooking, I quickly pulled together some microwave poppadoms and raita – the ubiquitous starter for any Indian meal. (Although, I will admit that I had my poppadoms while I was doing the ironing!)

I just get natural or Greek yoghurt, mix in fresh mint, garlic and lemon. Microwave poppadoms don’t need any oil, so it ends up being a fairly healthy starter.

Poppadoms and minted yoghurt

Just before serving, I added some natural yoghurt to the meat, which gave the tomato sauce some richness and tempered the heat. We love our chilli, so I actually ended up adding some extra chilli flakes at the end. Rogan josh is supposed to be mild, but we like hot food too much to worry about that!

I served the rogan josh in a stoneware ramekin, topped with yoghurt and coriander, with naan and saffron rice. The saffron was a gift from my sister-in-law about 6 months ago. I rarely think to use it, so it was nice to pull it out today.

We had a lazy evening to end our 4-day holiday, and enjoyed our Indian feast on the couch with a David Attenborough DVD and a bottle of crisp white wine. Yum!

Wine notes

We chose a Deakin Estate semillion savignon blanc 2012 to accompany the rogan josh. We would normally pick a red wine to go with a tomato and red meat dinner, but this was nice and cooling contrast to the a spicy curry.


3 thoughts on “Lamb rogan josh

  1. I’m a bit of a fusion cook also… I make my curry pastes from scratch but like you, I end up messing around with ingredients until it suits my taste buds (my husband and I are entirely different when it comes to chilli heat though; I love hot food but he finds it hard to tolerate…. I keep a permanent bottle of sriracha on the table for occasions like this!). Glad that you guys had a great night. Gorgeous looking curry, mmm! x

      • Oh, thanks for the link! It is definitely good to have a ‘good enough’ brand in the arsenal for when you’re short on time. My husband’s best mate and his cousin love chilli. They’re Argentinean so it’s chilli and garlic on everything! Funny that Aaron missed out on the chilli gene 🙂

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