Salmon and corn fritters with fresh salsa

Fritters with salsa

I love cooking fritters! They are so versatile – you can add just about anything, and they are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for snacks, and can be served hot or cold!

For these fritters, I used 1 can of tinned corn, 2 small cans of tinned salmon, red onion, coriander, paprika and about 1/4 cup Greek yoghurt, as well as self-raising flour, 2 eggs, black pepper and just a little parmesan cheese. I combined 2 eggs with all the ingredients except the flour. I added self-raising flour gradually until the batter was the consistency of thick pancake batter, and added a little more Greek yoghurt when it ended up too thick. Its really just a matter of adding as much flavour and texture as you want, and you can make test fritters as you go along if you want to check the batter. However, as long as there is enough flour and egg to coat everything (so they wont fall apart) you can’t really go wrong.

The recipe would work just as well with fresh corn and fresh salmon, but this was a quick and easy version for a week night.


I have a great non-stick pan, so I was able to cook them without any oil or butter, so they were fairly healthy.

The fresh salsa is a lovely and simple recipe I use quite often – just chopped tomato, jalapenos, coriander, and red onion. I usually add lime, but I left it out because I thought there were already enough flavours in this dish.

I used jalapenos from a jar for this recipe, as I love the flavour. It would work just as well with fresh jalapenos, if you add extra vinegar and perhaps a little sugar.

I am always looking for new and interesting ways to cook with fish. I love having salmon grilled on the bbq, but its too cold to bbq right now, and salmon fillets start to get a bit boring after a while. This was a really nice way to have salmon in a different way.  Using tinned salmon had the dual advantage of being quick, and avoiding the fishy smell that seems to hangs around the apartment for a day after I cook fish inside.

I served the fritters topped with masses of salsa, which ended up working really well with the fritters, and also served as a salad.


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