Hamburger and chips


Hubby and I have been talking about having homemade burgers for weeks, and while we were chatting over brunch, we decided that today was the day!

The patty was a basic rissole recipe, and the bun was a Bakers Delight white roll for the hubby, a cape seed roll for me. The swiss cheese was melted onto the meat while it was cooking, a trick I picked up from a cooking show once upon a time.

I also piled bacon, lettuce, tomato and tomto relish onto the burgers.

The chips were potato and kumera, baked with olive oil and sea salt.

Very successful, although my cape seed roll was a little too small for so much filling and fell apart half way through!

Wine notes

We enjoyed a bottle of Iron Hill shiraz 2012 with the burger and chips.



3 thoughts on “Hamburger and chips

  1. Yum. This looks amazing! I love a good burger… Aaron and I often make a similar meal but I normally use Turkish rolls for the burgers (it’s a bit of a habit as we fell in love with the idea at Grill’d and Jus Burgers… not sure if you have those chain stores in NSW?). Great pics too… mouthwatering!

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