Chorizo and prawn pizza


This was a fantastic combination, and our first attempt at cooking a seafood pizza.

I made a basic pizza dough, and topped it with a tomato sauce made from passata, garlic, chilli, and paprika. I added fresh mozarella and topped the pizza with green prawns and chorizo.

We cooked it for about 10 minutes in the bbq, with the lid down, on our pizza stone. Trial and error has taught us to use baking paper to stop the base sticking and make it easier to transfer to the serving board. We also avoid preheating the pizza stone, as doing this sometimes results in a burnt base. Being cooked in a bbq, the heat comes from underneath, so the base can easily burn.

When the prawns were cooked and the chorizo was crispy, we removed the pizza from the bqq, transferred it to the serving board, pulled out the baking paper, and topped it with a garlic aioli and chopped coriander.

The toppings, plus all the aoili, made the pizza a bit heavy and floppy, and the aioli was a bit to creamy for us. Also, the whole prawns were hard to cut, so the pizza ended up a bit messy. On the whole, however, it was a very tasty pizza for a summer evening.


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